HotBitDeal Online Auction 

HotBitDeal is a platform that allows you to bid minimum and unique bids for winning rewards.

The concept of HotBitDeal is to provide an equal opportunity to everyone for Bidding and Auction by giving a chance to bid a unique and minimum amount, which is different from other bidders.

The process of bidding is very simple, First, you have to buy an HBD token from PancakeSwap and store it in a trust wallet, Go to the connect wallet in the HotBitDeal Platform, After connecting your wallet you can start Bidding. Remember, Without the HBD token you cannot participate or bid in the Auction.

Winners will be decided by the platform, based on smart contracts. There will be 10 winners chosen by the Platform. Don't miss your chance of winning.

No, The Winners will receive reward on the basis of their winning spot.

The lowest and unique bid is determined by the minimum bid amount submitted by the user and which is different from others. if the amount submitted by the user is unique and the minimum amount different from other bidders, then he will be chosen as the winner by the platform itself.

The total and circulating supply of HBD is the same which is 693,00,000,000 and the max supply is 99,00,000,000.

HBD token can be purchased from an exchange like PancakeSwap and store it in a trust wallet, Without HBD token you cannot participate in the bidding and auction

In every auction, One Dollar is the minimum amount required to place a bid.

First and foremost, with HBD's robust community, this will not occur since bidders are all set to participate in the auction; nonetheless, even if it doesn't reach the targeted funds, The winner will be chosen by the platform with the raised funds, Auction will be over on the basis of predetermined time.

HBD provides the functionality of 1% auto-adding liquidity per transaction.